crep shoe cleaner

$7.99 USD
crep shoe cleaner

ULTIMATE SNEAKER CLEANER - Every pair of sneakers deserves to look its' best. With our CURE Cleaning Solution, keep your beloved sneakers looking pristine clean.
DEEP CLEANS SNEAKERS - Refresh and deep clean dirty Shoes without compromising their look, feel and shape.
SUITABLE FOR ALL MATERIALS - Designed for cleaning leather, suede, nubuck, canvas, nylon and vinyl up to 100 times.
HOW TO USE - For best results use with the full Crep Protect CURE Kit; pour a small amount of CURE Solution onto the brush and gently scrub your sneaker.
CREP PROTECT - Crep Protect has become the world’s fastest growing sneaker care brand, constantly bringing the most innovative products to the market. WEARESNEAKERS and know absolutely how to protect and care for them.