Plain SHAKA Heavy Short Sleeve T-shirts - 12 pieces

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Plain SHAKA Heavy Short Sleeve T-shirts - 12 pieces


Gino Corporation is a high quality oriented apparel offering new fashions through leading edge technology in fabrication, construction, color, design, art, and finishing. We have been doing business in garment industry since year 2003. We’ve become a major garment manufacture and wholesaler specializing in big & tall tee shirts. Our company has begun producing tubular tee shirts and now we have gone forward to variety styles like thermals, hooded jackets, pullover zippers, reversible, short pants including kids, juniors, adults and oversize etc. Our corporate company is currently located at the downtown Los Angeles near Los Angeles fashion district.

(Shaka wear) has become a leading Heavyweight and Vintage wear for today’s youngsters. Our tops are currently spreading fast among youngsters who enjoy big and tall sizes. Shaka wear have become most wanted blank and printed Tees among young generation in Los Angeles California. Our popular tubular tee is known for its "Comfort, Thickness, Reliable collar and fine cotton material”. Compared to other leading brands, our high quality tees will last its original color shades.


WHITE S - XL-Tall is $59.99
WHITE 2XL - 2XL-Tall is $69.99
WHITE 3XL - 3XL-Tall is $79.99
WHITE 4XL - 4XL-Tall is $84.99
WHITE 5XL - 5XL-Tall is $89.99

COLORS S - XL-Tall are $69.99
COLORS 2XL - 2XL-Tall are $84.99
COLORS 3XL - 3XL-Tall are $94.99
COLORS 4XL - 4XL-Tall are $104.99
COLORS 5XL - 5XL-Tall are $109.99